SMRC Courses

SMRC licenses the provision of self-management courses that it has developed in the UK. These courses are for groups of people with long-term conditions and their carers.

We have developed a specific Quality Standard for providers of these courses, called Stepping Stones to Quality (SS2Q).  Providers can either use the Standard when developing their own course or can apply to QISMET for accreditation against it.

The latest version of SS2Q was published in 2017, co-produced with providers of SMRC programmes.  Please apply for details using our contact box. Details of SS2Q 2017, including a downloadable copy, can be found by clicking on the SS2Q accreditation box to the right. 

We have also developed, with our UK SMRC partners Talking Health Taking Action, a Training and Support Framework for those people who deliver the programme.

The Framework can be found by clicking on the second box on the right.